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Award Winning Taxidermy by Wildlife Artist Craig Stolle

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The Artist

Craig Stolle is an award-winning wildlife arAlaskan Brown Bear mounttist/taxidermist, living and working in Campbell River, British Columbia.  Art has always been a part of Craig's' life and he uses his artistic talent to breathe life back into the pieces he works on! Each piece has subtle features added that really make the mount come alive! 


CougarPreserving a wide range of trophies 

With many years of experience, Craig has had the opportunity to work on a vast array of species, including all members of the Deer family,many different Birds and Mammals.

Craig is also known for his Cougar mounts as they really capture the essence of the cat! 

"Wow, Cats are probably the hardest animal to pull off and you do it beautifully. I've seen many great Taxidermists that couldn't pull off a cat, Unbelievable!" Shane B ,Taxidermist- Wisconsin

He has also been entrusted to work on several species from successful African Safaris which require different techniques!

Craig was trained in Fish Taxidermy by World Champion Rick Krane of Anglers Artistry learning advanced techniques that really show in his work. Rick was impressed enough with Craigs' work that he recently featured it in an article in  the World's foremost taxidermy magazine ,Taxidermy Today (Sept. / Oct. 2010)!

magazine cover 

Whether it is an animal a fish or a bird, Craig has the skill and ability to bring your trophy to life!

eagle closeup

Award Winning Taxidermy

In 2006 Craig entered his first Taxidermy competition, the Western Canadian Championships with this Bald Eagle and ended up with not just a First place ribbon but the award for the highest scoring bird in the competition!

In 2007, Craig received a third place ribbon in the World Taxidermy Championships in Reno NV,  in the Professional division. Craig says,

"I took a customer's Blacktail Deer mount I had recently completed and ended up with a Third Place ribbon! I was very surprised as I was up against competitors from 47 States and 22 countries!"

For a professional mount and quality of work that competes with the best, call Craig Stolle at Artistic Wildlife Creations.