Carving in Moose antlers is very rewarding to watch the piece come to life! The antlers are natures canvas, awaiting the artists designs!

I have called upon my experiences in the wild to create some of my carvings, from sitting watching Stone sheep and goats up north to coming up on a Grizzly and his kill in the Kootenays'.

I use a lot of shed antlers gathered in wintering areas on my yearly trips to the north part of our province or I use the antlers from a hunter's harvested bull for a stronger remembrance of their animal!

Each antler is different and unique making each piece a one of a kind original.

Once the carving is completed I spend time on selecting the base. I use either driftwood pounded by the surf or branches and roots found out hiking. Using weathered, gnarled wood formed by nature ties the piece together removing all signs of man or machinery.

I hope you enjoy these samples of my work and feel free to contact me if you would like a custom piece created for your den or trophy room!

two moose